May 29, 2012

T-minus 13 hours...

...til I'm braced up and ready to go! I'm supposed to be studying but I'm waaaay too excited to do anything. Hence, this post. I also have to fit sleep into there somewhere but I don't know how that's going to happen!

Today it hit me - this is the last day I will have with this smile. It's only going to get better (or worse) from this point on until I have (hopefully!) perfect teeth. So here's a picture for good measure:

I tried to get one of me smiling but it just wasn't happening... I don't have a photo smile! Well I do, but my mouth is closed. Maybe I'll be able to get one on the way to the hospital tomorrow morning. Here's hoping!


May 26, 2012


On Wednesday I had spacers put in. Four on the bottom and two on the top. This is to make space for the bands that will go around the second to last teeth, apparently they just stabilise the braces a bit (which I'm going to need with the surgery). Anyway, some photos are below.

I was expecting it to hurt putting them in but it didn't bother me at all. It didn't even hurt after they were put in. Dr. P said that it would be an uncomfortable sensation, a bit like having popcorn stuck between my teeth. I haven't really found this a problem though, I don't feel them. They did start to ache in the afternoon after they were put in, probably due to the teeth starting to move. It is now Saturday and they have definitely settle down a bit! The only one that continues to hurt a bit is the bottom left, but I think this area is really crowded so that's probably why.

My braces go on next Wednesday, this is giving a week for the spacers to work their magic. I'm getting pretty excited... But also a bit nervous! Luckily I am at an age where a lot of my friends have already had braces, they have been so good with advice.

This is the bottom - you can see my wisdom teeth poking through at the back. I have three, both bottom ones and one on the top. They are getting taken out some time in August.

Top left - you can see the hole where one of my teeth was taken out, they seem to be healing quite nicely.

Top right - same again, hole from where one of my premolars was taken out.

Only a few more days to go until I'm a metal mouth... I'll try and get some photos up asap but I won't make any promises as it's the last week of uni and I'm going to be super busy! Eeeeeeh!