January 13, 2013

A Long-awaited Update

I have had two adjustments since I last posted, and I am due for my next one tomorrow. When I look at my teeth in the mirror it looks like they have moved so much but when I look at the photos it feels like they have hardly moved at all! When I recover all of my photos from my old computer I will do some comparison photos.

At the last adjustment the 2nd incisor that has been left out was finally attached to the wire! It has moved into the gap quite a lot, which you can see in this photo:

As you can also see from the photo, the gaps left by the extracted teeth have continued to close. This is especially true for the one on the right. However they all still need to move around to the left quite a bit as my centreline is still nowhere near the centre.

And here is the bottom:

The rotation in the front incisor is almost out, and then the only other things that will need to be done are the canine rotation and just generally straightening. 

For the front view:

I've also noticed that my bottom jaw tends to be tilted on an angle when compared to the top... I'm hoping it's not and that it just appears that way at the moment.

I've hit the 6 month mark! This means I (hopefully) only have 12 months to go before surgery :D

As for what has been happening in life in general? I have passed (mostly) my third year of engineering, so am heading into my fourth and final year. This is both exciting and terrifying... I have started my work experience for the summer working at Valspar Paint NZ which is awesome, I really enjoy it! I have had my car stolen twice, and our house got broken into and my laptop stolen. So overall it's been a rather exciting few months!

I will try and update within the next few weeks, I have noticed that it takes about a week before the teeth have moved completely after adjustment.