September 21, 2012

I have a gap!

Yes, I have a gap between my two bottom front teeth! Here is a photo:

Apologies for the saliva everywhere.

So today is Friday, I had my braces tightened on Wednesday. I have moved up another wire gauge on the top, and I still have that spring to push my teeth apart only this time he's added a little crimp thing to keep momentum going. I think my mid-line is off so the aim is to push both teeth out of the way to make way for the hidden incisor, and also straighten the mid-line at the same time. (photo below)

On the bottom I had another power chain put on but on the other side this time (photo below). Last month I had one on the left, and a teeny gap opened up, so this time he put one on the right to move teeth into the gap and out of the crowding in the middle. This is what opened up that wee gap you can see in the photo above.

My under-bite is definitely becoming more prominent, I can see it now in photos:

I also have a lisp that is getting worse as the gap is opened up, people are finding it hard to understand me sometimes! It's especially noticeable now that it is 21st season and I'm having to talk to people in bars over loud music. I'm forever having to repeat what I say.

Next appointment is on November 7th. I'll check back in then :)