March 31, 2013


Hello! Long time, no see. I have been procrastinating doing a new post... but here I finally am. With some comparison photos.

I think that I have had one adjustment since my last post, everything went fine, I just moved up another wire gauge on the top. No fancy rubber fittings or springs this time! The adjustment before that one was the most painful by far, it took about 2-3 weeks to get back to normal. Every time I drank something I would get shooting pains up into my gums around that top lateral incisor that has been getting pulled forward into line. But it ended up getting better and here we are today. :)

So, photos! I finally got around to getting my photos from my old laptop, and have put together a comparison:

I can't believe how much they have changed! I know in my last post I was complaining about how it hardly seems like they have moved at all, but here is the proof they have. I am so happy!

Already I am beginning to feel more confident, I always new I was self conscious about my teeth but I never realised how badly they were affecting my self-esteem. I feel a lot more comfortable smiling around people now and not afraid of showing my teeth. Who knows, I may feel okay smiling for photos soon! But let's not get ahead of ourselves :P

More exciting news - I am meeting with the surgeon on the 9th April!

This will be to discuss the surgery, ask him questions, and I'm guessing for him to actually get an idea of what he's dealing with. I AM SO EXCITED!!