April 25, 2012

Update on tooth extraction

It's been two weeks today since I had my top premolars out.... They seem to have pretty much healed, to be honest they were pretty much back to normal within a week. I still have to be careful when I'm eating particularly hard food that it doesn't jar up into the gap and stab my gums, that still hurts.. but whether that's due to it not being healed yet or just general gum sensitivity I'm not too sure.

I am pretty sure that my open bite has actually reduced with those two teeth out which is interesting... I wonder if it will change again while the braces are working their magic.

There are 4 weeks to go until the spacers go in and 5 weeks to go until my braces get put on! I'm really excited! I know it's going to be pretty awful but I guess I'm just excited to have everything finally moving.

On another note, it is ANZAC day here in New Zealand. Mum and I went to the Dawn Parade at the Auckland Museum and it was amazing (as usual) - I love the spirit of ANZAC day, seeing all the returned soldiers always brings a tear to the eye! Especially when they have the bagpipes playing in the background... We will remember them.

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