August 2, 2012

First Braces Tightening

This actually happened a few weeks ago, it's been pretty hectic for the last month or so which is why I haven't posted anything.

Fortunately it didn't hurt that much, I was back to eating solid food the next day. Here are some top and bottom views:

I'm pretty sure my top front teeth are more crooked this time around... I'm sure this will be fixed eventually though! The gap where my premolars were extracted is slowly closing.

The bottom is looking a lot straighter, Dr. P put a band on my premolar that was leaning inwards to try and straighten it out. It looks like it has done a good job so far! Here is a picture:

Just ignore my saliva everywhere.

A small gap has opened up between my left canine and premolar. I think this is good because by bottom is quite crowded so this is providing some room!

As my teeth are beginning to straighten my underbite is becoming more noticeable. 

Here is another unflattering front-on picture:

On a bright note, I turned 21 last weekend! ^.^

Here is a picture of me with my amazing Harry Potter themed cake that my mum made!

It's the Monster Book of Monsters! I have the best mum.

My next appointment is 8th of August, see you then!

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