July 24, 2013

Some bad news...

So you know how I was all worried about revealing my date of surgery? I rang my surgeons practice last week to book my first pre-surgery appointment (which has to be 5 weeks before surgery) and they shared the bad news with me. Unfortunately my surgeon has been in a skiing accident, so bad that he had to have surgery. I believe he is still in hospital as we speak.

He will most likely be better by the time my surgery date rolls around, 23rd of September, however he will probably still be catching up on all of the surgeries he will have missed out on. At the hospital I am going through, he only does one surgery per month so there will be at least one that he has missed.

I am not too worried though, the 23rd September is right in the middle of uni for me so hopefully if it gets pushed back it gets pushed back past uni and past exams so I can recover without having to worry about all the work I'm missing out on! And maybe it will mean less time in braces afterwards :)

My next adjustment is July 30th so hopefully they will have more information by then! Wish me luck!

Oh and as a side note, I turned 22 on the weekend :) Happy birthday to me!


  1. Happy Birthday Kelsie!! Hopefully your surgery won't get pushed too far, but no matter if it works out better for you. Hope you had a great 22nd :)