February 13, 2014

Day 3: Post-Surgery... I am ALIVE!

I've made through surgery! This is counting Surgery Day as Day 0, just for good measure. Sorry I couldn't post from hospital, my phone wouldn't let me :(

So surgery was on Monday, it lasted for 11 hours which is longer than anyone thought it would last. My surgeon seems happy, I have my first post-op with him at his rooms tomorrow.

I was released from hospital this afternoon which was nice. It's good to be home, though it's been a bit overwhelming.

I have had a pretty miserable time over the last few days, it has definitely been a lot worse than I expected it to be. Here's hoping to being over the worse of it though, the doctors said today should have been the worst swelling.

I will post photos when I can, I've been taking them every day so I have quite a few! I'm pretty exhausted still, hopefully I have enough energy tomorrow.

A big thanks to my mum who has been the BEST, she has been such a life-saver. She dropped me off in the morning and came back in the afternoon, however had to wait around for surgery to finish... and then she was up all night suctioning the vomit from my mouth... And THEN visiting me every day and putting up with my miserable moods, and then finally bringing me home today to take care of me! What a trouper!

Thanks everyone for reading, I'll try and post a more in depth update tomorrow :)


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