February 15, 2014

Day 5: No More Pain-Meds

I finally got a decent night's sleep! And by a decent night I mean I slept for about 8 hours and only woke up twice :-) Hopefully this continues to improve! I still felt quite groggy but I'm sure as time goes on this will disappear.

I noticed as I was trying to go to sleep my face muscles were quite tight and sore, I've been getting some pain/ache in my left temple. Hopefully this disappears by my surgeons visit on Wednesday otherwise I'll bring it up.

I tried drinking through a straw again today but it still feels weird and kind of hurts a little bit. However I have now upgraded from the 60mL syringe to the squeezy bottle for my food. This is making eating a hell of a lot easier. Today I had some vege juice:

Kale, celery, apple, cucumber, and lemon juice. It was actually pretty good!

I have noticed my hearing in my left ear has been a bit weird the last few days. It's not blocked or ringing but it feels very sensitive and like it needs a good pop.

I've managed to survive without pain medication today, apart from an initial dose of paracetamol this morning.

I have stayed at home most of the day watching movies, but I did go out for a walk this afternoon. My hip hurt quite a lot at the end of it, but it seems okay now. It seems to be more of a muscular pain rather than 'wound' pain if that makes sense...

Here are some photos:

Nothing much seems to have changed but I'll keep taking photos! I've lost quite a bit of weight, I managed to lose about 3-4kg before surgery and since surgery I have lost about 2-3kg. I don't really want to lose any more, my skin has already started to get a bit saggy haha. I'm just gonna have to eat more!

I have also developed some slight bruising on my lower cheeks, the small yellow patches in the following photos:

Hardly anything. I'm interested to see if more will develop over the next few weeks!

It felt soooo good to wash my hair and face in the shower today. The sticky stuff from the bandages on my neck didn't come off but ah well.

My nose has continued to bleed today, even with using the nasal spray. Did anyone else's do this? When does it stop?

Until tomorrow :-)



  1. Kelsie, you are looking GREAT! I couldn't believe your surgery went for so long, but considering the bone graft from your hip & the upper jaw expansion - now I get it. I had two separate surgeries a year apart (with an expander instead of the bone graft). It's interesting to read the different methods used with jaw surgery. Your recovery looks & sounds to be coming along nicely which is great. I hope that continues for you.
    I'm coming to Auckland for a flying trip (literally) next weekend; if it was longer, I would have loved to catch up with you. Maybe next time :)
    Get well soon,
    Cheers, Ellie xx

    1. Thanks Ellie! I can't believe it either... but like you said, he had a lot to do!
      It's amazing reading about everyone's different surgery journeys, it sounds like no two jaw surgeries are the same haha. How did you find the separate surgery and expander method for your top jaw? You seem to be recovering really well from your second surgery so it sounds like it was a good way to go about it :-)
      I hope you enjoy your quick trip to Auckland, let me know when you're back and we can try and organise a meet-up!
      Wishing you well in your post-surgery journeys too,
      Kelsie xox