February 6, 2014

T-4 days!

Unfortunately I have been too busy to post recently, and now my surgery date is almost upon us!

I had my surgical hooks put on yesterday, along with my pre-op appointment to check that I am fit for surgery. Everything went fine! :-)

Surgical hooks:

They haven't been too irritating so far which is good, I have some dental wax anyway just in case. I have to go in to hospital at 7am on Monday and am not allowed to eat anything 5 hours beforehand, also no water 2 hours beforehand. I checked with the nurse co-ordinator yesterday how long the theatre is booked for and she said it's booked for 8 hours!!!! Eeeeek!

I am so excited, though the last few days I have been getting a bit nervous as well which I think is normal. I'm still much more excited than anything!

I'm staying with my mum on Sunday night and she will take me to hospital, and be there for the day until I wake up. She's also taking me home from hospital when I am discharged and I will be staying with her for a few days at least and she'll take care of me... mums are the best :-) I am expected to be discharged from hospital on the Thursday (Happy Valentines Day to me!). Liquid food for the first 3 weeks, very soft foods for the next 3 weeks and then firmer food after that. It will take approximately 6-8 weeks for the bone to heal/fuse. Apparently the first couple of days is the hardest and you can often feel pretty down and sorry for yourself... I'm not looking forward to this! Hopefully the painkillers keep me happy :-)

I have been planning what food to eat, things like soups and smoothies and juices (my mum has a really good juicer). I want to stay away from anything with added sugar because I won't be able to brush my teeth properly for a while! I bought some squeezy bottles to inject food into my mouth with haha. Hopefully this goes okay!

Here are some final photos of my face pre-surgery, please excuse the tacky bathroom shots haha:

Squeeeee! I'll try and do another post before surgery but if not, I'll see you on the other side!


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