April 29, 2014

Day 78: 11 weeks and 1 day

I can't believe it's almost been three months! Time is flying by now. I am looking forward to the 13 week mark when I get normal braces back. Here are some update photos:

Not much is changing now, even I can't tell the difference.

I still have numbness in my chin, tongue, and upper gums, but my chin and tongue are getting a lot better. I think I have partial feeling in my whole chin area.

Mobility is slowly coming back, I am not limited much now as far as I can tell. I still get drooly sometimes, especially if I am talking with my head down. If I am talking quite a lot I end up with a lot of saliva everywhere and have to be careful not to spit on people! I am trying to move my tongue more now as well, trying to use it to get food out from my braces and lick my lips haha. It seems to be going well!

I haven't been told to do any facial stretches or anything but I am doing some every so often when I remember. I can open to three fingers wide now and that seems to suffice. I have been eating burgers and sandwiches and it hasn't limited me too much.

I can eat pretty much anything now! It's great! I go careful with hard nuts and chewy meat but I don't miss them too much, apart from steak. Yesterday I ate nachos for the first time since surgery. Delicious.

The weather is getting really cold really fast here at the moment, I am pretty excited. Winter is my favourite season!

Until next time,

Kelsie :)

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