May 5, 2014

Day 84: 12 Weeks!!!!!!!!!!

WOAH time has gone fast! Less than a week and I will be three months/90 days post-op! This seems to be the point at which you can consider yourself 100% medically healed, though some factors like nerve regeneration and getting full range of motion back may take a bit longer.

Here are some photos of a sandwich I managed to bite ALL THE WAY THROUGH:

Oh man, life is good.

I am absolutely 100% happy with my decision to go through with double jaw surgery, it has definitely been worth it. Being able to eat properly is amazing.

Here are some update photos:

Loving the big goofy smile!

I am enjoying having most of my range of motion back, as you can probably tell from the following ridiculous photo grid:

This is what I am doing instead of studying. Sigh.

I measured my mouth opening today and I can get to 4.5cm! Before surgery I could open about 5.5cm so I'm pretty happy with this!

I haven't talked about my hip for a while:

The scar is definitely less raised now, it's almost flat. I still have some muscle soreness occasionally but it's not bad enough to stop me from doing things. I have been running again and it's fine.

I have my next surgeons appointment in 4 days, and then its 9 days until my braces get adjusted!!!! Never thought i'd be looking forward to that haha.

Until next time,



  1. Hi Kelsie :)
    I hope this comment/message finds you well. First of all, thank you soooo much for documenting your experience from the very beginning till post op; as the longest phase is usually the presurgical phase, it freaks me out a lot not knowing what to expect. Thank God i found your blog because my pre-op phase is somewhat similar to yours, as in getting two upper second premolar pulled at the age of 20-something (i'm 22 this year), 4 wisdom teeth out at once and of course, an underbite. My ortho told me to anticipate 2 years of ortho work plus removal of 2 upper second premolars + all wisdom teeth and only lower jaw surgery with 5mm retraction of mandible; they wanna create 3mm of negative overjet presurgically for my case.
    i wish i could get a gorgeous result like yours; i'm just a ball of anxiety *curlsup* lol. The presurgical phase is making me really self-conscious and nervous because 2 years with enhanced underbite is quite terrible tbh :/

    I have a few questions for you, I hope you don't mind:
    1) how long did it take to get the second upper premolar spaces closed?
    2) how many mm was your movement? (i hope i sound right with one :p)
    3) was genioplasty brought up? because mine did and i was asked to consider :/

    I'm from Malaysia btw. Get better soon, Kelsie and stay awesome :D

    Jo Ann

    1. Hi Jo Ann, thanks so much for your comment!

      I'm very glad that you'll find my blog useful, that is part of the reason why I created it :-) even all of the pre-surgery orthodontics which is so important!
      Your journey does sound very similar to mine, well done with your decision to undergo jaw surgery!
      I'm sure your results will be amazing :-) it's so worth it to have a normal bite! And don't worry about having an enhanced underbite, you get used to it. And knowing that it's all going to be better soon makes it alright. If your teeth are anything like mine were you'll be grateful to just have straight teeth!!!

      As for your questions, I'll answer as best I can.
      1) It took a long time to get this space closed. In fact, it's still not quite closed. On one side there is a gap I can feel with my tongue, but the other side is pretty much closed. I will try and get a photo for my next post!
      2) I actually don't know how big my movement was.... I keep meaning to ask my surgeon but then I forget! I know he was focused on the movement on the upper jaw the most, my lower jaw wasn't moved back too much. He mainly moved my upper jaw forward (along with some other funky things). I'm very happy with the amount of movement he did though.
      3) Yes this was mentioned at one point! My surgeon said that genioplasty would probably not be necessary in my case as I have a naturally strong chin anyway. I was happy with his decision as I knew I had a strong chin, and also because it meant I wouldn't have more risk of nerve damage (I hope to get full feeling in my chin again!).

      Let me know if you have any more questions, and let me know if you create your own blog so I can follow your journey!

      Kelsie xx