July 10, 2014

Day 150: Throwback Thursday

So I finally got the pics my mum took off her phone so that I can post them here! Just a warning, they are pretty gory....

These are from Day 0, so the evening following surgery.I remember these being taken, but I thought they were from the day after surgery! I was then up for most of the night vomiting blood but thankfully I was still drugged from surgery and barely noticed. Mum had to deal with the brunt of it. She is a trooper!

Notice the drains are still in me. Gross. Here's one of the drain in my hip:

Dangggggg look at that profile! I almost cried when mum showed me this:

Day 1 - the day after surgery, there are ones of me writing (as I couldn't be understood at this point) and also of me feeding myself with a syringe:

Day 2:

This is from when they re-dressed my hip, I got mum to take a quick photo once the bandage was off:

Day 3: This was the day I came home from hospital:

Day 4 - Valentines Day! On the way to the surgeons office for my first post-surgery check-up:

Day 5 - The number hands thing didn't really catch on...

Day 6 - looking a lot happier:

And why not have another couple of comparison pictures while we're here??


  1. Hi Kelsie! Just wondering, did you have to pay for your surgery?
    All orthodontists I have been to say it is not public in NZ and must be paid for...
    It's so expensive!

    1. Thanks for your comment!
      I did not have to pay for my surgery, although I did initially run into problems with it not being covered through the public health system - it was viewed as a cosmetic problem, not a functional problem. Fortunately, I found an orthodontist who fought my case and it was eventually decided that it would be covered.

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