February 21, 2014

Day 11: Double Digits!

I made it into the double digits!

Swelling is still slowly coming down... I'm hoping by the two week mark I look kind of normal. I start uni again on the three week mark so hopefully it's even better by then! My top lip is huuuuuge compared to my bottom lip, though I was reading about this on another blog today (http://timetoembraceit.blogspot.co.nz/ Thanks Dani!), she also had the same problem but it went down eventually!

There isn't too much to report....

In terms of numbness nothing much else has come back. I think I'm getting a bit more feeling on my top lip, mainly on the left side. I think I can feel a surgical hook on the inside of my lip which I am happy about! I got the tiniest bit of sensation back on my bottom lip today!!! I was pretty happy about this too :-) my chin tingles and spasms are driving me crazy, but I'm glad about it. The right corner of my mouth was twitching hard core today, even mum could see it from a few metres away. This is the completely numb side so (touch wood) this is a good sign! I tested the inside of my mouth today, my gums are pretty much completely numb, though there is the tiniest patch on my bottom gum line that I can feel. When I am brushing there are some areas that feel very sensitive which I hope is a good sign. I started to 'feel' my teeth again today. It feels similar to the feeling after a braces adjustment. I can feel a lot of pressure too. It's not too painful at the moment, I'll see how I go without pain medication tonight but if it gets any worse I might start taking it again, especially for sleeping. As for numbness in my tongue, It's kind of hard to tell because it feels like I've got some feeling back but it's almost like it's muted. I have a feeling this is because of the chlorhexidine mouthwash, I remember this making my tongue feel quite numb for the day when I used it some time before surgery. So maybe after I stop using that I will get more feeling back in my tongue. I am onto my last bottle of it so shouldn't too long now.

I'm sleeping lying pretty much flat now, though I am careful to stay on my back. I'm not sure when I can roll onto my side again....

I'm having some pain in my hip but maybe this is because I'm a bit ambitious with my walking.... I really miss exercise.

Food is going pretty good, I don't miss normal food as much as I thought I would. I'm sure I will by the 6 week mark though haha. Today I started my food bucket list.

Meals are much easier now I can eat through a straw, this has opened up many more possibilities! Today I ate blended up curry :-)

I'm tempted to start taking photos of my food and play a game with my friends to get them to guess what the food is.... For example, what is this concoction?:

This is the blended up meatballs and sauce from the other night.

I am excited for a time when my food doesn't resemble baby diarrhoea.



  1. Your recovery seems to be going very well!! Glad to see you're starting to Deswell nicely. I'm schedule for surgery on Thursday so I appreciate your updates! :)

    1. Hi there, thank you for reading! Swelling has gone down even more now... I'm starting to look normal again which is nice! I will do another post later today as today marks my two-week point :-)
      How exciting that your surgery is only a few days away! Good luck with everything, I'm following your blog so I'm looking forward to your updates too!