February 24, 2014

Day 14: The Two Week Mark!

I made it to two weeks! It feels like it has flown by, which is weird because I have just been sitting around doing nothing waiting for time to hurry up and get me to the fully-recovered point haha.

I moved back to my flat yesterday, I've spent the last two weeks at my mum's place and she has been taking good care of me! I was starting to get a bit restless though and had lots of stuff I wanted to sort out before uni starts (1 week away). It's good to be back, though I miss my mum already!

Things are progressing slowly but surely in regards to jaw surgery....

I can't believe how much the swelling has gone down! I look almost normal! :-)

Let's have some comparisons (Because who doesn't love comparisons!):

Yesterday I went to a first birthday party. I actually managed to eat some of the food too! I had an iced chocolate on the way there, and then I had some jelly that I mashed up with the spoon and sucked through a straw, and also some chocolate milk. I am still using straws, but this is a hell of a big improvement on a week ago! I'm hoping that when I graduate to a spoon in a weeks time that it won't take too much practice. This all depends on the bands my surgeon puts on at my appointment in a few days as well... if they are too restrictive then I won't be able to get a spoon in! I'm reeeeeeally hoping he takes the triangles off, they are pretty painful.

This was the first time I have eaten anything with sugar in it since surgery. I have been avoiding sugar like the plague!! I really don't want to have problems with cavities later on. I am slowly being able to brush my teeth better each time I do it but seeing as I can't floss, waterpik, or rinse properly I really don't want to risk it.

I am getting a bit of pain.... still in that area above my front teeth where the metal sticking out of my gums is rubbing against the inside of my lip, and possibly an incision. Also in my bottom right canine tooth which is the tooth the bottom of the rubber band triangle is attached to. This is the area where I was getting some gum feeling back so I guess it makes sense. If it continues then I might have to take some panadol.

I haven't noticed any significant feeling coming back, though the tingling in my chin is still pretty aggressive. I'm looking forward to finishing the mouthwash and seeing how much feeling I have in my tongue, should be only a day or two to go! I was thinking I would move onto kids mouthwash after that. Listerine might be a bit too strong haha.

My hip bandage came off this morning, and this is what was under it:

Scary huh! My surgeon says when this bandage came off to just leave it off.

And now for the next round of 'What's Kelsie Eating?':

This, my friends, is minced up butter chicken (with a tablespoon or two of rice). It was pretty delicious!

My next surgeon appointment is a few days away (Thursday), hopefully I have some exciting news after that!



  1. The difference in swelling from just the past few days is amazing!! :)

    1. Thanks! Yeah it's pretty crazy how much it's gone down.. hopefully it continues to go down at that speed! :P
      Only two days to go now!

  2. Congratulations on surviving two weeks! You're looking great!!!!