February 27, 2014

Day 17: Triangle-less Once Again

Today I had my third surgeons visit. He just changed the bands again and took some measurements. I asked him if he was going to put more triangles on and he asked why and I said they were really painful haha so he said he won't do them this time. Yay!

So you know when he asks me to open as wide as I can and I think I'm doing really well? apparently it's only 2.1cm. Woo. That's gonna be fun trying to get a spoon into.... I tested it before and it should be okay, I'm more worried about making a mess because my tongue still isn't back to normal. It's very sensitive, like that feeling when you burn your tastebuds away. Hopefully they come back in a few days!

Here are some shots:

And some of my teeth:

The clear chunky stuff is resin which is used to hold the wire in place as he had to cut it during surgery. I'm guessing this will come off when they resume orthodontic treatment at the 8 week mark. My bite looks pretty good! I'm hoping my top jaw doesn't rebound again now the triangles are off. If they start to then I might put the triangles on myself.

I can smile now!

It's a bit crooked but I really don't mind, I'm so happy with it!

Numbness is still the same really, I'm still tingly pretty much everywhere but my cheek and gums.

I asked if it was okay for me to sleep on my side again and he said it won't do any damage whatsoever which is good. Damn I miss sleeping on my side! I have started to the last few nights because I felt like it would be okay, so it's good to have this confirmed. I still feel sensitive and bruised on my lower jaw but it should be okay on a soft pillow.

The last few days have been extremely painful, I finally resorted to taking pain medication again! The triangle on my right side was giving me so much grief, it felt like it was ripping my bottom canine right out of my mouth. It peaked a few days ago and I tried the paracetamol, and then the ibuprofen, and THEN the codeine... and nothing worked. Seriously. I'm surprised I managed to get any sleep. Anyway, I've continued to take ibuprofen twice a day just to take the edge off and it seems to be calming down now. Hopefully with the triangle gone it will return to normal.

I FINALLY finished the chlorhexidine mouthwash! I've been using normal mouthwash since then (Colgate Plax) and I just water it down. I tried using it full strength and it hurt quite a lot! I've continued using it every time I eat, and brushing morning and night. I can't wait to use my normal toothbrush and waterpik and piksters and floss!

My hip has been getting better I think, it's still painful if I walk too far but Dr. W. says this is normal. It should settle down in a week or two. I go back to uni next week so hopefully it's not too bad walking around campus.

And for the next round of 'What's Kelsie Eating?':

This is spaghetti bolognese.

Other things I have eaten:
Chicken and Spinach Soup
Pumpkin Soup
Blended up canned stews and soups from the supermarket
Blended up pasta bake
Blended up stewed apple with a small amount of ice cream (I gave in to sugar cravings)
Vegetable juices
Sugarfree milkshakes
Milked down greek yoghurt

Til next time,


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