March 2, 2014

Day 20: Spooning

I've cheated a little bit and started eating with a spoon BEFORE the three week mark... Oh my gosh!

After my appointment with my surgeon I figured nothing would be changing between then and the three week mark (which is tomorrow! woo!) so I may as well start now.

It went pretty well! I blended up a canned stew that would have been too thick to suck through a straw. I didn't make too much of a mess... I've realised I will generally still need to blend up food before eating it with a spoon, it's just now I can eat food that is a bit thicker.

It is definitely not easy and I often get food all over my face, I still have no feeling in my bottom lip and my tongue is still weird so it makes the motion of eating quite difficult. Sometimes I kind of have to inhale the food haha. I'm just glad to eat real food again!

So far I have managed to eat:

Thick soup/stew (blended)
Dahl (lentil stew) and rice - not blended! Though it got stuck in my braces..
Frozen yoghurt
Blended up broccoli (YAY FIBRE)
Scrambled eggs (YAY REAL PROTEIN) - this also made a mess in my braces, but so worth it.

More tomorrow!


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