March 3, 2014

Day 21: Three Weeks

Wooooooooo three weeks!! Let's start off with some photos:

Swelling has gone down heeeeeaps in the last week. My top lip no longer looks so huge! The only swelling I can see now is down the sides of my nose (and probably under my nose too), and my jawline. I look pretty much human again now though!

Smiling is still a bit weird but getting easier! My facial muscles are really stiff so it's still hard to make expressions and talk properly but it's getting easier slowly. I had my first day at uni today and I actually managed to talk to people so it was okay! Sometimes I have to repeat things.

Numbness is still very much the same, I'm still tingly as well.... I think I got some feeling back on my top lip on the left today. I've noticed I can feel the corners of my mouth as well, I'm not sure if it's always been like that.... And there is still no feeling on my right side.

The stitches started to come out this week. The incision lines are still very sensitive though, I have to be careful when I'm brushing. I'm still using a baby toothbrush....

Eating has been interesting! Today I pureed up some parsnip and poured gravy on it, it was DELICIOUS. Tonight I am making lasagne and am gonna puree that baby up.

This is what happens when you eat oats and don't blend them first:

Even though you can use a spoon, it doesn't mean you can get all the food in your mouth. Remember this.


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