March 10, 2014

Day 28: Otherwise known as 4 weeks..

Where did the time go?

Today also marks 1 month since surgery. Thanks February for being a short month!

Here are some update photos:

I had my surgeons visit last week, all went well and he said I don't need to go back for another three weeks. My next appointment is scheduled for a couple of days after the 6 week mark :-)

The numbness is pretty much the same... though my cheek is feeling a lot less dead and so I am hoping feeling will come back soon. My chin also feels less dead and I am getting lots of prickles, pins and needles, and shooting pains through it. My lips are getting easier to use though they still feel kind of papery, especially in the morning. My top lip still feels kind of rubbery and full, like I've had botox. My face mobility still isn't completely back, I am still very stiff especially in the nose and upper lip region, but talking is getting A LOT better and easier! My tongue is still very sensitive but I think full feeling is slowly coming back. Everything is slow so there isn't much to report. Haha. I'll do another update in a weeks time!


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