March 19, 2014

Day 36: Five weeks and 1 day

Time seems to be flying by, I can't believe I made it to 5 weeks already! Less than a week and I can start chewing!

I changed my bands a few days ago, and while I had them off I took some photos:

Look at that perfect bite!

I will only be able to chew really soft things initially but I already have a list of foods to try. I know it probably won't be easy, it seems most people have trouble learning to chew again after jaw surgery. Seeing as your teeth are in a whole new position it's kind of understandable....

The past week has been the first time I have really missed chewing food. I'm feeling a lot less 'delicate' and fragile now, and I actually feel like I could chew again - when food moves down between my back teeth I have to try not to chew it because chewing feels like what I should be doing. Does that make sense?

My jawline doesn't feel so bruised anymore, I wouldn't want to knock it or anything but I no longer feel so scared when hugging people! The rest of my face is feeling a lot less fragile too, and I am getting some more motion back. My mum said last time she saw me she noticed my top lip was moving a lot more. Talking is still quite hard but it doesn't sound nearly as bad as it was! It comes and goes though, sometimes I sounds completely normal and other times I'm slurring words and lisping.

I think I still have some residual swelling but most of the swelling is gone which is great! I no longer feel like I had too much botox. It feels good to scrunch up my face and try and move the muscles around by making weird faces, it's almost like my muscles feel itchy haha.

It's AMAZING being able to eat some normal food again. I have graduated to a fork now! I've been eating a lot more normal food, as long as it's chopped up small enough and not too dry then I can eat it. I had my first roast meal a few days ago! Lamb shanks.... SO GOOD. I haven't tried chicken yet. I've managed to go out to dinner a few times, the first time I got falafel and yoghurt and just mashed it up and spooned it in. I also had the most amazing baked cheesecake afterwards.... Cheesecake is still my favourite food at the moment haha. Another meal I had was a lamb curry. Yesterday morning we went out for breakfast and I managed pancakes with banana, berry coulis, and maple syrup. Unfortunately bacon is still too difficult for me to eat so my boyfriend got to eat most of mine... I don't think he minded though! :)

My numbness has been getting a lot better this week! I FINALLY got my other cheek back.... a whole month after the left one! I think there is still a little bit above my lip but I remember this taking a bit longer to come back on the left side as well so I'm not too worried. I still have no feeling in my chin and limited feeling in my bottom lip but they don't feel as dead as they were before so I hope this a good sign. I'm still having some sensitivity problems with my tongue though it seems to be getting better slowly, and my gums are still mostly numb.

Pain hasn't been too bad, though I've had to take a dose of ibuprofen every few days when it gets a bit achy. I think this is mainly my teeth though. I'm slowly getting used to the feeling of having all of my teeth touch! So weird!

My next surgeons and ortho appointments are on the 26th march which is just over a week away.


  1. You're back!! Your blog had been listed as deleted this past week! What a change in progress in that time though :) I'm admittedly jealous of how far you can open your mouth haha I have to increase mine by 1cm in the next two weeks and that seems a daunting task!!

    1. That's weird... I didn't delete it, I promise!
      And thank you :)
      1cm in two weeks does sound daunting... just keep up with your stretches and you'll get there though! You're looking great by the way :)